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I love losing myself in a book.

Pinquo - Colin Thiele

Pinquo is about an injured penguin who is found by two children and is taken under their wing. He grows up and has his own family and lives for a couple of years near the bay where the children found him. 


Others wrote that this was moving, gorgeous and compelling.


But i personally think that the storyline wasn't that intriguing, it could've had more suspense. It is a bit sad in the end, but i didn't really feel sad. The author could've made the plot more in-depth. I think this is better for younger kids, and that's probably why i didn't like it.


i recommend this as a read-aloud for younger kids(If they don't mind the very sad bit at the end), and the older kids might want something longer and with a deeper plot. I give it 1.5 stars.



Stunning - Sara Shepard

i liked this book, even though it was a little creepy. it is sooooo irritating because i have no idea who A, the stalker, is! but i think this is a good read. i recommend for ages 12+, because it is a little scary.

Ruthless - Sara Shepard

this is similar to the book before it, yet it always keeps me hanging. yes, it is still about stalkers and serial killers, but it is a good series. but not for people who get scared. this book is very creepy.

Twisted - Sara Shepard

this a really good book. it is a bit scary though. it's all about stalkers and serial killers, and i'm not into that stuff, but surprisingly i liked it. it is definitely not for kids who get scared. i didn't start at the start of the series, but i recommend that you do. do not read this book at night!!

— feeling happy
Between the Lines - Jodi Picoult, Samantha van Leer

i absolutely loved this book. it is similar to InkHeart, but i prefer this book. i like the layout, how they put in all the characters point of views. And a different colour for every point of view is a great idea. i highly recommend this book. Though it might be a little hard to understand for under ten years. i hope the sequel is as good as the first.

Corrie Ten Boom: Keeper of the Angels' Den - Geoff Benge, Janet Benge

this wasn't very interesting for me. it was a good and well-written book, but i prefer, other genres.

""Give up so easily do you?" croaked Origami Yoda.
"Uh, yeah," said Sara. "I mean, Funtime stinks, but failing a grade is like..."
"WUG!" said Chewbacca.
"Yeah, man, it's wug," said Kellen. "Very, very wug!""
The Surprise Attack of Jabba the Puppett: An Origami Yoda Book - Tom Angleberger

The surprise attack of Jabba the Puppett

LEGO NINJAGO: The Visual Dictionary (Masters of Spinjitzu) - Hannah Dolan

this book isn't really a novel, so it didn't particularly interest me. but it would be great for ninjago fans, though. this isn't something you'd read in a book club, you'd more likely read it for fun

— feeling big smile
The Surprise Attack of Jabba the Puppett: An Origami Yoda Book - Tom Angleberger

 This is a rather random book. I know i should start with the first Origami Yoda book in the series, but only Jabba the Puppett was available...and i couldn't resist to see what i was like. It's very random, like i said, but it's really funny as well. And the fact that it teaches you how to make an origami Jabba is great. This is for any Star Wars fan who loves funny books.

Mug Cakes: Ready In 5 Minutes in the Microwave - Lene Knudsen, Richard Boutin

this is one of my favourite books, mainly because it's a book about making mug cakes,which are the best things ever. from chocolate to coconut, fruit to frangipane and even mug cookies! Doubley yum. 

Disney Frozen a Sister More Like Me - Barbara Jean Hicks, Brittney Lee

This cute book may not be a novel, but i think it's a cute little book for all sisters. They will understand what it's like to have a sister, and trust me, it's very difficult sometimes! I really like the illustrations and the layout, but most of all, I love the disney princess spirit it has.

"Mum comes upstairs with a BIG Ssshhhhh!
We aren't THAT loud?
"Let's not get off to a bad start with the new neighbours, shall we?"
(I've already done that)
we quiet down a bit, but still manage to annoy Delia with a few versions
(Her favourite song - not.)"
Extra Special Treats (...not) - Tom Gates - Liz Pichon

Tom Gates Extra Special Treats (not.)

Genius Ideas [Mostly] - Liz Pichon

this is one seriously funny book, and i am a sucker for funny books. Delia's green hair+singing teachers+homemade music videos x one boy with one crazy life= one book that will definitely make you laugh 

Extra Special Treats (...not) - Tom Gates - Liz Pichon

this book definitely deserves a place with Dork Diaries and Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  everything in this book is funny, from homemade vegetable cake (yuk) to caramel wafers (yum). if you want a book that is made from 5% funny and 95% hilarious, this is the one

Wonder - R.J. Palacio

i really feel sorry for august. with a deformed face, he goes through many challenges. although a pretty sad story it's turns out happy in the end. a great read, i liked it.

Matilda - Roald Dahl, Quentin Blake

this is a very moving book, yet funny at the same time. it would be incredible if a person like Matilda was alive. i definitely feel sorry for her when she has to deal with Mrs.Trunchbull and her "paybacks" are hilarious! i would definitely recommend this book. 

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